Depoimentos - Marcus J Schultz

AMIB and Epimed Solutions recently teamed up to create a national Intensive Care registry, called ‘UTIs Brasileiras’, a great initiative.

Existing Intensive Care registries, like ‘FICC’ in Finland, ‘NIR’ and ‘SIR’ in Norway and Sweden, ‘DID’ in Denmark, ‘ICNARC’ and ‘SICSAG’ in England and Scotland, and ‘NICE’ in the Netherlands, to name a view, all having in common that they are confined to a certain geographic area, usually a country, cover at least 75% of the Intensive Care units within each area, and have regular output regarding admissions and outcomes. As such, these registries have been very successful in sharing important data with various stakeholders.

Remember that the power is in the numbers: authorities and professional bodies, public and patient organizations, and press can be informed on a regular basis. Furthermore, it helps researchers generating new hypotheses, designing new trials, and so on. No doubt ‘UTIs Brasileiras’ will go the same way.”

Marcus J Schultz

Department of Intensive Care Medicine & Laboratory of Experimental Intensive Care and Anesthesiology, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ( & the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Bangkok, Thailand (; the PROtective VEntilation NETwork ( & BreathDX (