Depoimentos - Guillermo Ortiz

One of the main problems that we have in latin America to face differents challenges in the management of critically ill patients is the lack of information from other critical care units, which include those abroad. I think that the Brazilian ICU registry is a great initiative to broaden our knowledge of critical care medicine in our region. If we have enough data about our epidemiology and clinical practice in latin America, not only can we improve the quality of our clinical practice, but we are also able to evaluate the impact of new interventions. Besides the daily practice, the implications of this initiative in research is invaluable. Creating a network is the only way to have enough information to impact the critical care practice in latin America as well as worldwide.”

Guilherme Ortiz

Past president of AMCI (Colombian Society of Critical Care)

  • Internist, Pulmonogist and epidemiologist
  • Intensive care head of the Santa Clara Hospital
  • Director of Internal Medicine and Pneumology of the Universidad del Bosque
  • Fellow Research, Clinical Simulation Harvard Medical School Cambridge, MA
  • Instructor and member of the faculty in  Intensive Care, del faculty en Cuidados Intensivos, Mechanical Ventilation and Sepsis of the INISIMED Foundation